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Paver Blocks

Progressive Engineering Co. is one of the leading and experienced manufacturers of Heavy Duty Paver Blocks suitable for pavements of Ports, ICDs, CFS, Industrial parks and yards.


Our blocks are manufactured using the state of the art technology with special focus on quality materials and processes. This focused approach on quality has translated into high quality and durable product, which has sustained heavy loads of crane and trailer movement along with container stacking over the past 25 years.


Types of Paver Blocks

Our capability to undertake Onsite production has enabled us to be highly competitive for our client thereby resulting in huge savings even in the remotest part of the country.

Our Experienced manpower for block laying has enabled us to cater to the entire need of the client for a quality paver block pavement. Our standard practices are in line with the specification of IRC SP 63, thereby ensuring proper slopes for rain water drainage, proper interlocking of joints for paver blocks and proper alignment for final aesthetical finish of the pavement. Our keen focus for high quality paver block pavement has been the major reason for our company to be the preferred choice of users for rehabilitation and repairs of their existing pavements.

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