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Concrete Block Manufacturer

Concrete Masonry blocks are rectangular concrete blocks used as a replacement to traditional red bricks or fly ash bricks in varied structures like building walls, boundary walls, retaining walls and decorative structures. The blocks come in varied  sizes and varied specifications like hollow or solid, which are used depending on the application of the product. All our blocks are manufactured as per IS 2185 and are compliant as per the highest standards of quality.


Design of the Concrete Blocks

The advantages of the concrete masonry blocks with respect to traditional bricks are-

  1. Hollow Blocks are light, hence easy to handle.

  2. Savings in Material costs since the blocks are hollow

  3. Reduced Labour costs due to increased productivity due to larger blocks

  4. Huge Savings in plaster costs since the blocks have a natural concrete finish and aesthetically pleasing.

Our onsite manufacturing capabilities have resulted in huge savings for our client due to savings in transportation costs and elimination of idling of resources due to easy availability of material at site.

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